Judge Wayne L. Mack

  • 30 year resident of Montgomery County
  • A distinguished 24 year career of public service with Montgomery Department and in Law Enforcement in for 15 years
  • In 2014 Judge Mack was elected to serve as the Justice of the Peace for Justice Court #1
  • Judge Mack served on 12 different non-profit Boards and is honored to serve as Chairman of the Board for New Danville
  • He is happily married and has 2 children
  • Motto: Let’s make a difference every day

Kathy Sanders

  • New Danville Founder — Designed, developed and manages
  • Served on numerous boards
    • Montgomery County Performing Arts Society
    • American Heart Association
    • American Cancer Society
    • South County/Woodlands Chamber of Commerce
    • Humane Society of Montgomery County
    • Interfaith of The Woodlands
    • Keep Montgomery County Beautiful Montgomery County United Way
    • Southwest Montgomery County Improvement District Leadership Montgomery County
  • Successfully developed and ran her own food business
  • Worked as a para legal

Cyndy Oller

  • Registered Nurse.
  • Masters of Science from TWU
  • Nursing Professor at Lone Star Community College
  • Married with 3 daughters and 2 step-sons
  • Passion: ensuring that the New Danville community continues to thrive and grow and meets the needs of the population it serves

Kathy Turner Jones

  • Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Business Currently working on a M.S. at Texas A&M University
  • General Manager of Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District
  • Worked for the Sandy Land UWCD
  • Serves on the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee
  • President of the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts
  • Board of Trustee to the Texas Water Conservation Association Risk Management Fund
  • Executive Board Member to Texas Water Conservation Association

Odette D’Agostino

  • Board member since 2007
  • Volunteer
  • Board liaison for Jazzy Junque
  • Artist
  • Former teacher for the deaf
  • Ran family commercial development business for years

Pat Riley

  • BS in Management
  • Received his MBA from UOP
  • Director of Public Works for the City of Willis
  • Previously served in USAF in Civil Engineering Squadron
  • Kiwanis Club Member
  • Has a TCEQ A Water License and B Wastewater License
  • Pat and his wife have two daughters, Morgan and Olivia
  • Pat and his family live in Conroe and are active in their church