New Danville is a self-sustaining, master-planned integrated community where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can Live, Learn, Work and Grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually with their non-disabled peers.


Our Vision

The first of several resident housing projects is complete and additional phases are taking place with private donations and grants. The day program activities are thriving and more are being developed in keeping with the desires of the Wranglers for growth and independence. Financially, New Danville is prospering with private and corporate donors. The products that are created and produced by New Danville Wranglers are purchased by businesses and individuals all over the world. In high demand, these items are sustaining the day-to-day operations and overhead of the New Danville community.


The town center is teeming with activity. The bed & breakfast attracts reservations months in advance for retreats and getaways. The Plantation-style Texas Tea Room is a favorite destination as well, providing a charming respite from the daily grind. Busloads of tourists arrive to enjoy the uniqueness of New Danville and its beautiful setting. This close community of enthusiastic and caring citizens have come together to create a town with something to offer for everyone. Multiple publications will soon carry the story of New Danville that was recently authored by a reporting journalist. We are considered the most successful integrated planned community in the world.